Doctor Tran Anh Duc – Wholeheartedly devoted to non-surgical rejuvenation

Originally a plastic surgeon, but when given the opportunity to interact with global cosmetic civilizations, Doctor Tran Anh Duc became fascinated with non-surgical technologies. Dr. Duc like leading experts in the field, unanimously agrees that in the future, plastic surgery will still play an important role, but the emerging trend dominating the majority of the cosmetic industry will be non-surgical technologies.

We have gone through three decades where plastic surgery reigns supreme, but in the next five years, this position will gradually give way to non-surgical methods. As society develops, people increasingly value individual factors, and issues related to facial appearance are no exception. Gradually, plastic surgery will become a field used to correct external appearance, while non-surgical methods will be responsible for honoring each individual.


The pinnacle of non-surgical rejuvenation is to help women maintain their natural features but enhance them, becoming the best version of themselves. The intervention of non-surgical technology only stops at the superficial level, but its effectiveness is not inferior to cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, some modern technologies, such as thread lifting, not only deliver amazing results but also do not affect the natural expressions of the body—something that cosmetic surgery cannot achieve.

Recognizing this trend, Dr. Tran Anh Duc chose to join the Department of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine at the Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Institute, a subsidiary of the Mega Corporation from South Korea, to maximize his capabilities and satisfy his passion for non-surgical beauty. Globally and in Vietnam specifically, the Mega Gangnam system is a pioneer in the field of non-surgical procedures, specifically applying thread lifting technology since 2005. Mega Gangnam gathers a team of experienced experts, the pioneers in non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Moreover, Mega Corp is a billion-dollar conglomerate, ready to invest heavily in the R&D sector, perfectly suited for Dr. Duc to express his passion to the fullest.

Desire for Vietnamese women to become increasingly savvy in beauty

In contact with women from around the world, Dr. Duc shares that Vietnamese women are considered to pay less attention to their skin, partly due to the lack of support from the weather and partly because they do not have enough time and mainstream sources to explore scientific aesthetic knowledge.

In his role as a highly knowledgeable doctor, he always strives to help clients understand that when it comes to aesthetic interventions, the practitioner must be experienced and professionally skilled.

“Many people who have not received formal training in thread lifting attempt to do it themselves, thinking it’s a simple procedure. In reality, it may look simple but is quite complex, not something you can learn by just looking at it. In cosmetic surgery, body anatomy is directly visible, making it easy for the doctor to operate, but non-surgical procedures are the opposite. Non-surgical procedures only intervene to the maximum extent at the hypodermis level. The distance from the hypodermis level to the next layer is measured in micrometers, and a slight mistake can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Placing each thread in specific positions on the skin requires careful calculation. Most importantly, the thread lifting procedure is highly personalized, with 1000 clients having 1000 different treatment regimens. To create these 1000 treatment regimens, modern equipment and the experience of the practitioner are essential.”

Take a simple example: Suppose I have two clients with identical skin indicators (in reality, besides this case, the ratio is rare, 1/1,000,000), including the collagen and elastin breakage ratio, the percentage of lipid density under the skin, and the speed of turnover of cell connections. However, in-depth skin analysis results will show different locations of collagen and elastin breakage, and different distributions of lipid-producing areas… Not to mention skincare habits, sleeping positions, and even individual differences in smiling and chewing movements. These are factors that significantly influence aging factors and need to be considered before creating a treatment regimen. Therefore, in addition to professional skills and machine support, non-surgical rejuvenation doctors also need experience to collect sufficient customer information.

In conclusion, Dr. Tran Anh Duc expresses the desire that Vietnamese women will become better and more savvy in choosing beauty methods day by day. Regarding the choice of skin rejuvenation technology, customers need to wisely choose reputable beauty clinics and be cautious about non-authentic technologies such as cell implantation. In over 10 years of specializing in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, there have been cases where the advisory board had to conduct a stage similar to a consultation committee. That is, in special cases, usually severe aging or damaged skin, complications due to thread lifting at untrustworthy places, or cell implantation elsewhere, urgent support is needed from the advisory board to develop a suitable treatment plan.

In his role as an experienced doctor, he will strive to help each client who comes to him gain more knowledge, and gradually disseminate and elevate the beauty awareness of the entire community.

Professional medical examination and treatment certificate of Dr. Tran Anh Duc

Professional medical examination and treatment certificate of Dr. Tran Anh Duc

License to operate as a medical facility and oversee the professional department of the Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Specialty Clinic

License to operate as a medical facility and oversee the professional department of the Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Specialty Clinic






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