MEGA FIBER WHITE – A breakthrough in the treatment of melasma, freckles and age spots

Melasma is a common skin condition that tends to occur in various groups and age ranges. Melasma causes dark patches or spots, making us look dull and lackluster. What’s worse is that melasma tends to be persistent, progressively worsening, and extremely difficult to treat if not handled correctly. Understanding everyone’s worries, especially for those women being attacked by melasma, who do not know how to treat it or have lost faith in the numerous treatments available on the market, Mega Gangnam has researched and introduced an exclusive melasma treatment technology – Mega Fiber White.

It has the ability to completely remove all types of melasma, preventing them from permanently returning. It brings us bright, healthy, smooth skin as if we were rejuvenated by decades.

What is Mega Fiber White treatment technology?

The Mega Fiber White melasma therapy is an exclusive technology developed by the Mega Gangnam International Aesthetic Institute. This method applies the achievements of the most modern and advanced technologies for the purpose of treating deep-rooted and chronic melasma. The most notable among these is Exosome cell technology. This is considered a major advancement in the research and treatment of diseases related to aging and skin pigmentation.

In fact, exosome stem cell therapy has long been discovered through in-depth biochemical research. However, it is only now that Exosomes have truly become a “bright face” in the field of regenerative medicine. At the same time, they are most powerfully applied in dermatological aesthetics, especially in cell regeneration efforts.

Stem cell secretion – Exosomes contain information and data, absolutely compatible with the human body

Stem cell secretion – Exosomes contain information and data, absolutely compatible with the human body

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles secreted by stem cells in the body. They are encapsulated by a double lipid layer and a surface protein layer. Exosomes are ultra-small in size, ranging from 30-200 nm (only 1/200 the size of a cell), containing growth factors, lipids, and miRNA – capable of skin regeneration similar to stem cells. However, why should we choose Exosomes over conventional cell technologies? Here’s why:

  • Firstly, Exosomes do not risk being expelled from the immune system. This usually happens when the immune cells in the body react to cells originating from another body. Exosomes are actually a biological molecular component, not cells. They are directly extracted from the body of the person being treated, suitable for all health indicators so the compatibility is nearly absolute.
  • Secondly, due to the extremely small size of exosomes (nm), they can easily penetrate the skin through external pressure. Therefore, therapeutic measures do not have to be overly invasive or only need to use extremely small needles. This provides high efficiency, safety, and aesthetic suitability, and does not require much skin recovery time after treatment with exosomes.

Exosomes are an extremely special technology. Nowadays, only countries with the most developed science are applying this factor in the field of aesthetics. In Vietnam, some units have started to build a model for treating melasma based on the platform of exosomes. However, most of the exosomes used by these units are of plant origin, hard to metabolize, and require a lot of time to take effect.

Meanwhile, the exosomes that Mega Gangnam is applying in Mega Fiber White, are extracted from stem cells in the human body with about 60 billion pure exosome particles. They carry a lot of information and transmit a series of signal codes, capable of being compatible with the body immediately. They help repair melasma skin cells faster, many times stronger than plant exosomes.

Mega Fiber White gathers the best solutions for melasma treatment

The Mega Fiber White melasma therapy is a combination of exclusive, specialized technologies: Mega Melasma, Laser Spectra XT; and Exosome – Super regenerative technology for omnipotent cells. With 2 AI analysis steps and 4 basic rejuvenation penetration steps, Mega Fiber White gives us smooth, rosy skin and eliminates 100% of all types of melasma. Along with the above Exosome technology, it is impossible not to mention the extremely effective support of the following combined therapies:

Technologies applied for treating skin melasma

Technologies applied for treating skin melasma


On the surface of our skin, there are keratinocytes that continuously regenerate to keep the skin stable. The common melasma condition we see is clearly manifested in the epidermis (where the keratinocytes are), so it is necessary to carry out a treatment to remove surface melasma. From there, it penetrates into the underlying skin layers, inhibits melanocytes, breaks down melanin, and prevents them from developing.

Housing a series of high concentration-deep nourishing ingredients with the ability to stimulate metabolism including Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), Salicylic Acid, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), Trichloroacetic Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Mega Melasma is one of the important steps to remove surface melasma, neutralize free radicals, stimulate cell proliferation, and collagen, and elastin production. The newly formed skin cells quickly have an extremely good elasticity, and a smoother and more even skin tone. The effect after performing Mega Melasma can be clearly observed with the naked eye just after 3 days.


This is the number 1 laser melasma treatment technology in the United States. Applying the “target melanin” solution helps access areas containing Melanocytes, deeply intervening in the innermost nuclear layer to naturally break down melasma and excrete through macrophages. With 3 specialized therapeutic heads (wavelengths of 532nm, 1064nm, and Gold toning 55nm), Laser Spectra XT is capable of removing cornification on the surface, treating skin pigmentation diseases, and preventing all kinds of melasma.

Moreover, Laser Spectra XT also integrates the most modern and superior support technologies to reduce pain, limit swelling, and instantly recover. Furthermore, for people who are suffering from diseases such as capillary dilation or have a history of using mixed creams, or corticoid infections, this is an extremely important treatment step. When the laser light is emitted, it will be absorbed by the skin tissues, creating a certain amount of heat. This temperature can stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, making the skin more elastic and firm. At the same time, it can also stimulate blood circulation and help improve most capillary problems.


In order to treat melasma and activate the natural skin recovery mechanism, it is necessary to provide enough important nutrients for the body. Only in this way can the self-healing time be shortened and melasma be removed faster. Mega micro point moisturizing essence contains Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Plant Placenta, Vitamin A, Elastin, Collagen, Peptides, Vitamin E, and Ubiquinone which can nourish the skin healthily from deep inside.

Who should choose the Mega Fiber White melasma treatment course?

Until now, common melasma treatments have only been effective for mild types of melasma and pure skin darkening. Therefore, everyone wonders whether the Mega Fiber White melasma treatment technology can replace previous methods or how effective it is for long-standing, severe melasma. Studies have proven that Mega Fiber White is 6 times more effective than popular technologies on the market. So when and in what cases should melasma be treated with Mega Fiber White therapy?

Những đối tượng bị nám không thể bỏ lỡ liệu trình Mega Fiber White

Những đối tượng bị nám không thể bỏ lỡ liệu trình Mega Fiber White

The levels of damage caused by skin melasma that patients need to be treated with Mega Fiber White are:

  • Level 1: Start having small-sized patches of melasma, and mild freckles (under 6 months).
  • Level 2: Having melasma patches or deep-rooted melasma for over 6 months with thickened skin, without vascular dilation, or with a history of mixed cream use.
  • Level 3: The condition of patchy melasma/deep-rooted melasma/increased pigmentation on a skin base with dilated capillaries, a history of corticoid infection, and extremely thin and weak skin.
  • Level 4: Suffering from long-standing mixed melasma, visible capillaries, and the appearance of external skin diseases, who have received treatments with other methods but without effect.

The subjects that experts encourage to apply the Mega Fiber White regimen are very diverse, belonging to different groups. The most common issue they encounter is the persistent melasma that cannot find an effective method. If you already are or are one of the following subjects, don’t miss the ultimate melasma treatment available only at Mega Gangnam:

  • Age: From 35 to about 60, this is the stage at which skin cells weaken, and metabolic activity lacks stability. At the same time, the body’s ability to produce natural collagen, and elastin also significantly decreases. Combined with external factors, skin becomes more prone to melasma, and freckles. In the beginning, these signs may not be too obvious, but once the foot of the melasma has deeply seated and appeared in the middle and lower layers, it cannot be restored with other normal therapies.
  • Gender: Women are much more likely to have melasma, freckles, and moles than men. This stems from changes in endocrine and hormones in the female body. The melanin production mechanism is easily affected by these changes, so in special stages like pregnancy, premenopause, and menopause, the possibility of having spotted melasma, or deep-rooted melasma is often much higher. However, men also need melasma treatment like women to prevent the risk of skin cancer and other diseases.
  • Geography: The tropics and subtropics have higher sunlight intensity than other areas. Therefore, the weather of the countries in this region (Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South America…) usually has a high temperature, with year-round sunlight. Research data also shows that geographical location greatly affects the risk of melasma. Living in such weather conditions, climate makes Vietnamese people very prone to melasma and this rate accounts for about 60-70% of the adult population. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to protecting the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight and apply treatment measures when melasma appears more clearly.

Health status: Weak immunity, decreased function of organs in the body, or frequent mental issues make us more likely to have melasma. Internal diseases lead to the delay of the circulatory mechanism and decrease the ability to produce beneficial natural substances. In this case, you should not choose home melasma treatments but need to seek the support of dermatologists.

Depending on the natural characteristics, age, health status, and skin condition of each person, doctors will build a suitable regimen, entirely based on the Mega Fiber White therapy. The aim is to completely and quickly eliminate melasma spots without causing deep damage to the skin surface.

What is the effect of melasma treatment after one course?

Assessing the effectiveness after implementing the Mega Fiber White melasma treatment method

Assessing the effectiveness after implementing the Mega Fiber White melasma treatment method

Surely many of you are asking the question: ‘What will be the effectiveness after completing the melasma treatment with the Mega Fiber White method?’. This is one of the biggest concerns of customers when coming to Mega Gangnam’s special melasma treatment service. First of all, we need to determine in our mind that melasma is a disease, and as a disease, we must persistently treat it until it is completely cured. Therefore, you need to comply with the strict requirements of the doctor before, during, and after treatment.

Fortunately, Mega Fiber White is suitable for almost all subjects with melasma from mild to very severe levels. Even if you are facing problems such as increased pigmentation, or dilated veins… due to the use of mixed cream or due to the use of poor quality lasers. Research has proven, that the combination of high-tech technologies in Mega Fiber White allows for root melasma treatment even in cases of deep-rooted melasma, long-standing difficult-to-treat melasma, or those who have been treated with many methods but do not achieve effectiveness. 

So what makes Mega Fiber White special?

Experts have built a flexible melasma control process to treat each individual deeply. Starting from breaking down the barrier containing Melanin pigments to deep penetration at the cellular level to decompose the core of Melanocytes (cells that produce Melanin). But if traditional methods can only stop here, Mega Fiber White attacks faster and stronger, removing all pigments to the outside. Then, a strong barrier is built through the Exosome to resist melasma permanently. It’s almost like melasma can’t return anymore because they don’t have the ability to overcome the superior defense barrier of the skin at this time.

The effectiveness of this treatment method can be seen immediately after the first therapy sessions. Long-damaged skin tissues are restored and regenerated better. Simultaneously, the ability to increase collagen and elastin in skin cells is supported and recovered up to 90%. Thanks to this, not only does melasma disappear, but the skin also becomes firmer, more elastic, and smoother. Therefore, you can be completely assured when choosing to treat melasma with Mega Fiber White.

What is the process of melasma treatment with Mega Fiber White?

The treatment regimen will include the courses mentioned above such as Mega Melasma, Laser Spectra XT, and Exosome. Depending on the skin condition, experts at Mega Gangnam will personalize the treatment plan to suit the current condition of each customer. The basic treatment steps will include:

STEP 1: Perform a deep skin analysis process with Melasma Skin technology. This is to check the indicators of moisture, pigmentation, and the condition of capillaries under the skin. Skin analysis helps us determine the age of the skin, the issues it is facing, as well as understanding its past medical history.

STEP 2: Combine the multi-point AI Perfect Skin simulation technology, helping customers to know the results of melasma treatment after implementing the treatment.

STEP 3: Remove surface melasma with the exclusive new-generation skin regeneration therapy Mega Melasma. This helps to cleanse the skin, improve abnormal pigments on the surface, and lighten the skin tone. It also supports subsequent therapies.

STEP 4: Apply the number one Laser Spectra XT technology in the United States, treating the root cause of melanin pigments causing melasma. At the same time, carry out detoxification to stimulate collagen regeneration activity to restore the skin after melasma.

STEP 5: Instantly restore the skin with the Mega micro-moisturizing essence.

STEP 6: Use the super technology of regenerating universal cells Exosomes to repair, and replace aging cells, cells containing abnormal pigments, and damaged cells. From there, rebuild healthy, silky, youthful skin and eliminate all risks of melasma recurrence.”

Before and after photos of melasma treatment at Mega Gangnam

Why should you treat melasma at Mega Gangnam instead of any other place? Mega Gangnam is one of the best-rated premium cosmetic clinics currently. With a team of doctors and top experts from Korea, all trends and technologies are quickly made available to users. We bring even more value with our high-tech clinics, rated 5 stars in Vietnam. Mega Gangnam is also the first unit to successfully apply and develop artificial intelligence A. I am in treating melasma and pigmentation diseases.

Moreover, with the Mega Fiber White therapy, we commit to cleaning all melasma spots 100%, with expert certification, signed in writing, and a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can be completely assured and put your full trust when choosing to treat melasma at Mega Gangnam International Clinic.

Below are some before-and-after treatment images of customers who chose the Mega Fiber White super technology at Mega Gangnam:

Summary of questions and answers about Mega Fiber White service

Mega Fiber White is an exclusive melasma treatment regimen only available at Mega Gangnam. Therefore, for customers who do not fully understand this technology, or are looking for a comprehensive and thorough melasma treatment method, we have received frequently asked questions and consulted with Korean experts to present to you right below!

How much does Mega Fiber White cost?

The cost of melasma treatment using Mega Fiber White technology depends on many factors such as the condition of the melasma, the health of the person being treated, the direct participation of the doctor, and technology… Among these, the condition of melasma on the skin is the biggest factor determining most of the treatment cost. The more severe the facial melasma, the higher the level of damage. This also means that we have to apply more therapy sessions compared to someone with mild melasma.

In addition, the active ingredients used in the process of treating melasma are all complicated extracts, requiring a very high level of expertise from the experts. How to preserve and maintain the best effectiveness is also one of the factors affecting the treatment cost. Therefore, to be more certain about the implementation cost, you need to contact Mega Gangnam, receive a consultation, and undergo a Melasma Skin examination to determine a specific figure.

Is Mega Fiber White technology safe for the body and skin?

After undergoing the Laser Spectra XT regimen, the client’s skin may feel hot and slightly red. This is a normal reaction of the body and will fade after a few days. Clients can apply ice when they notice these signs, to cool the skin (do not apply directly).

Moving on to the Exosomes injection step, the skin may turn red or slightly swollen at the injection points due to the phenomenon of essence absorption in the skin. This is also a normal reaction and will disappear after 2-3 days. The Mega Fiber White method does not involve surgical measures, so it is very safe and does not leave any scars or other cosmetic signs.

How often should I do the course to improve facial melasma?

Some advanced regimens like Mega Melasma or Laser Spectra XT can show clear melasma treatment results from the first session if the client’s constitution responds well. However, clients need to understand that melasma is a disease and that the melanin pigments causing melasma are very sensitive to environmental factors (temperature, UV rays, stress…) and hormones (pregnancy, premenopause…).

Therefore, it is necessary to fully carry out the treatment plan designed by the doctor to stabilize skin pigmentation, help maintain sustainable melasma treatment effectiveness, and thoroughly prevent melasma recurrence.

Does melasma recur after treatment?

Right after the first melasma treatment session using Mega Melasma or Laser Spectra XT, clients may see 90% of melasma disappear if their constitution responds well. The excess pigment on the surface will be completely eliminated after performing exosome injections into the skin.

However, melasma requires long-term treatment so we should not be subjective and forget post-cosmetic care and protection. If clients fully carry out the warranty service and adhere to the ingestible and topical products as directed by the doctor, melasma can maintain sustainable treatment effectiveness and thoroughly prevent recurrence.

How to care for the skin after melasma treatment with Mega Fiber White technology

Doctors believe that we do not need to rest after melasma treatment. However, it is necessary to protect the skin, take careful care, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least 7 days. During this time, you need to adhere to the use of ingestible pills and home-use topical products as directed by the doctor to achieve the best melasma treatment results.

From there, stabilize the pigmentation and hormones to prevent the proliferation of pigments leading to melasma recurrence. Also, it is recommended to minimize makeup for at least 10 days as the chemical components in cosmetics may irritate the skin.

The above is our article on the most modern melasma treatment technology, Mega Fiber White. If you are suffering from persistent melasma issues and do not know how or where to get treatment, pick up the phone and contact Mega Gangnam immediately via Hotline: 093.770.6666 for consultation and support by a team of leading doctors and cosmetic experts from Korea!

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