Meta Elite – Rejuvenates noble standards

A woman’s nobility often appears naturally, that beauty does not lie in expensive jewelry or luxurious outer clothing, but is seen with a beautiful and happy appearance. harmony; a natural temperament or a peaceful, noble charisma.

Wishing middle-aged women to become more youthful, beautiful and confident, the latest research of the Korean Mega Group – Mega Gangnam has launched Meta Elite 6-in-1 universal rejuvenation solution – Standard rejuvenation. Nobility is the “key” for you to become attractive with a luxurious, noble beauty based on inherent natural lines.

What is Meta Elite?

Meta Elite is a 6-in-1 comprehensive rejuvenation solution that treats all aging problems by maximizing height as well as firmly reinforcing the deep layer of muscle tissue. This is considered the most excellent and perfect rejuvenation technology today.

Meta Elite được Viện trưởng Hwang Young Gu cùng các cộng sự dày công nghiên cứu

Meta Elite was diligently researched by Director Hwang Young Gu and his colleagues

Meta Elite has been researched and perfected by Expert Hwang Young Gu – Director of International PKT Mega Gangnam and colleagues of Mega Group Korea. The solution brings 6 core effects that are very desirable, which are also the effects that customers will definitely receive after implementation:

(1) Maximize and tighten the muscle tissue under the skin

(2) Fill in sunken and sunken skin defects

(3) Regenerates skin to become fully shiny

(4) Regenerates skin texture with elasticity and firmness

(5) Flatten all wrinkles on the face

(6) Whitens 2-3 tones to help skin naturally bright and white

All of these omnipotent effects can be achieved in just one treatment, which most customers today expect to save maximum time.

Considered the best rejuvenation & beauty solution today, since its launch in the Korean market, Meta Elite has created a great reputation with its effectiveness and positive feedback. As of October 2023, Meta Elite has brought noble beauty to more than 4,000 Korean women. Recently, Meta Elite was officially transferred to Mega Gangnam International PKT to serve Vietnamese women.

4 reasons why customers should choose Meta Elite – Rejuvenation with Noble standards

1. Meta Elite not only solves simple aging and skin beautification problems, but it is also the latest generation of all-powerful rejuvenation technology, combining analysis of beauty features based on physiognomy to help women. Possessing noble beauty. This brings a harmonious, natural beauty, rich and unique facial appearance to each customer – the beauty that most women aspire to.

2. Meta Elite treatment time is carefully researched to both shorten treatment time and bring high efficiency. In fact, 6 goals of the combined service have been achieved in just 1 treatment lasting 90-120 minutes, helping to save maximum customer time.

3. Furthermore, the time to maintain the rejuvenation effect of Meta Elite is said to be sustainable over the years. According to assessments from Mega Group experts and research associates, the effectiveness of Meta Elite is 3 times more effective than other treatments on the market.

4. Finally, to achieve the success of a treatment process, consultation and examination from leading cosmetic experts is indispensable. Customers who undergo Meta Elite will have a direct examination with a Korean doctor in the first Korean-standard high-tech room in Vietnam, along with the best incentives at 5-star standard cosmetic facilities. Surely you will not only achieve high results after performing the treatment but also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the service in the most comprehensive way.

Meta Elite with 5 all-powerful core technologies

To achieve universal rejuvenation values, Meta Elite uses a set of 5 core technologies that provide outstanding advantages, capable of both deeply affecting and perfectly protecting and supporting the skin structure.

Mega NAD+ fiber matrix and Mega Dome tighten muscles maximally

The Mega NAD+ fiber matrix and Mega Dome support frame will directly impact the deepest layer of the skin to maximize and tighten muscle tissue. This is 3 times more effective than other lifting technologies available on the market.

Mega NAD+ fiber matrix is ​​a new multi-dimensional fiber system with special components:

  • Procollagen: Precursor of collagen that helps regenerate broken collagen systems under the skin
  • VEGFL: Vascular endothelial growth factor to penetrate and nourish the newly formed collagen network.
  • NAD+: This is an immortal active ingredient that protects and locks muscle tissue from aging agents.

These active ingredients will be more optimal in adaptation and production when introduced into the body, thanks to which the effectiveness of boosting and tightening muscles will be maximized. The Mega Dome support frame has a dome-like machine structure that covers the face to tighten and firmly reinforce the newly formed layer of muscle tissue, thereby shaping the elegant contours of the face.

Outstanding advantages of Mega NAD+ and Mega Dome:

  • Push up and tighten muscle tissue to the maximum
  • Shaping noble lines
  • Effective muscle tightening is 3 times more sustainable.

Fibrin Glass implant formula – comprehensive skin tightening

Mechanism of action: Fibrin Glass skin tightening implant formula is the first skin tightening technology that uses platelet-rich Fibrin extracted from the customer’s own body to bring comprehensive skin tightening effects.

The technology uses a multi-head micro-implantation head, injecting 2 PRF active ingredients deep into the skin – bringing smooth, shiny skin. For the first time, PRF is applied in a skin rejuvenation treatment, helping to bring about 3 times more effective skin regeneration than PRP platelet-rich plasma implantation.

Outstanding advantages of Fibrin Glass:

  • Comprehensive skin rejuvenation and shine
  • 3 times more effective than PRP implantation – platelet rich plasma

Face Reshape lifting and wrinkle removal technology

Mechanism of action: Face Reshape is the world’s newest generation of wrinkle-lifting and wrinkle-removing machines, using parallel ultrasound beam technology to immediately tighten loose skin tissue and re-establish the protein network under the skin. to regenerate elastic, firm skin texture, remove static and dynamic wrinkles, and significantly improve telangiectasia.

Face Reshape has a compact treatment head that precisely targets narrow areas such as nasolabial folds and corners of the mouth. Thanks to that, Face Reshape is more complete and optimal than other wrinkle removal technologies.

Outstanding advantages with Face Reshape:

  • Remove all wrinkles
  • Regenerates skin with elastic, firm skin texture
  • Helps reduce telangiectasia

Neuglow Pen skin whitening pen turns on 2-3 natural tones

Mechanism of action: Neuglow Pen technology injects a whitening serum into the skin with the main ingredient stabilized vitamin C (SAP) to prevent melanin from converting into dark spots on the skin, helping to lift from 2- 3 skin tones. In addition, vitamin C also has an antioxidant role that protects skin cells.

Neuglow Pen skin whitening pen directly irrigates 98% pure oxygen into multi-point locations to activate the hydrating mechanism, heal at the cellular level and restore fragile skin. The tiny treatment head will deliver nutrients deep into the skin without causing skin damage like conventional needle injection methods.

Outstanding advantages of Neuglow Pen:

  • Turn on 2-3 skin tones to help brighten skin naturally
  • Restores thin, weak skin

Meta Elite implementation process – Rejuvenation to a noble standard

Meta Elite is made based on a 4-step examination and 8-step process, ensuring absolute safety, certified by FDA, KFDA and CE.

The 4-step examination process is only available at Mega Gangnam

Step 1: Measure Perfect Face index (PF) with A.I Perfect Face technology

Step 2: Measure skin structure with the Omni Spectrum Advanced Mirror multi-dimensional spectrometer

Step 3: Measure the level of aging with the Humanity 6D Proface 2nd Gen skin ultrasound machine

Step 4: Sketch a beautiful, noble young face after treatment using artificial intelligence A.I

Comprehensive effective 8-step treatment process

Step 1: Clean the facial area

Step 2: Numb the skin surface to be treated

Step 3: Determine the areas that need treatment

Step 4: Use Mega NAD+ fiber matrix to enhance deep muscle tissue and use Mega Dome to reinforce, tighten, and restructure sagging skin, shaping elegant facial contours.

Step 5: Use Face Reshape lifting and wrinkle removal technology to stretch loose muscle areas, establish elasticity and firmness of the skin, while removing all levels of dynamic and static wrinkles, ending ciliary ectasia. veins on the skin.

Step 6: Use autologous growth collagen to fill sunken skin areas, restore skin volume, thereby adjusting the face to fullness and elegance down to every detail.

Step 7: Use exclusive Fibrin Glass implant formula to regenerate smooth, supple skin

Step 8: Use Neuglow Pen to lock in moisture and turn on natural white skin tone.

Post-treatment care steps with Meta Elite service

After performing the Meta Elite service, customers can go home and live normally. The treated skin area may be slightly swollen and feel a little sore. But this is a completely normal phenomenon and will gradually decrease and stop after a few days. At this time, you should and avoid the following things to pay attention to:

some things to do:

  • Use creams, medications and skin care steps as prescribed by your doctor
  • Increase your intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits every day
  • Drink enough 1.5 – 2 liters of water to moisturize and rehydrate the skin
  • Re-examine as scheduled by your doctor

Some things you shouldn’t do:

  • Do not leave the anti-inflammatory patch on the skin for more than 7 days to avoid infection
  • Do not use strong acidic cosmetics such as BHA or retinol for 1 week after treatment to avoid skin irritation.
  • Avoid lying on your side, laughing loudly, eating tough or hard objects, and opening your mouth wide; Do not steam or massage the treatment area for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol and stimulants for the first month after the service.
  • Do not perform intensive skin treatments such as Laser, Thermage, or hair removal after 2 weeks of treatment.
  • Do not eat some foods such as beef, soy sauce, chicken, sticky rice, seafood, etc.

Meta Elite and answers to frequently asked questions

Is Meta Elite technology safe?

Meta Elite is highly appreciated for its comprehensive and superior rejuvenation and helps customers possess noble beauty. Meta Elite has been recognized and guaranteed for service quality and safety by major organizations:

CE: Quality inspection certificate from the European Union EU

FDA: Food and Drug Administration from the United States

KFDA: Food and Drug Administration in Korea

Meta Elite becomes a new breeze in the beauty market, affirming the criteria of omnipotent, safe, sustainable beauty and helping thousands of customers find noble, luxurious beauty that comes from their own natural beauty. inherent body.

Does Meta Elite leave scars?

There are absolutely no scars left because the treatment process is non-invasive, the doctor does not make incisions, stitches, cuts… on the skin and Meta Elite is absolutely safe and does not leave any cosmetic marks.

After completing Meta Elite, will my face become stiff, deformed or necrotic?

There is absolutely no deformity or necrosis. Because the ingredients in the service are safe and compatible with the human body and have been certified by major organizations such as FDA, KFDA, and CE. After being inserted into the skin, the technology will add nutrients to nourish young and beautiful skin, without muscle atrophy or wrinkling like other services on the market.

Does Meta Elite hurt?

During the procedure using numbing cream, customers will not feel pain or discomfort. (However, there is a slightly tolerable stinging feeling during the anesthetic injection).

After stopping the service, will my skin be more aging than it is now?

Absolutely not because the nutrients are always circulating and stimulating the growth of new collagen, which can slow down the rate of skin aging. The results can even be maintained for a long time thanks to good care and regular maintenance sessions so that you are always confident and younger – more beautiful than your real age.

Meta Elite – Noble rejuvenation deserves to be an omnipotent service that changes your concept of modern beauty as well as becoming the key to quickly possessing a naturally beautiful, harmonious and full appearance. temper.

Contact Hotline 093 770 6666 or 0901 853 853 for advice, answers to questions related to Meta Elite services as well as direct examination and treatment by Korean experts.

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