Warranty and return policy

1. Warranty policy
Warranty period: All products we provide are warranted for free for 6 months from the date of delivery.
2. Warranty conditions
– We will provide warranty for any technical problems due to manufacturing errors
– Warranty goods must have intact warranty stamps, product stamps and receipts proving that you purchased the goods from megagangnam.com.
– For damages such as: Breaking, damaging, deforming, causing fire damage and other similar cases are not within the scope of warranty.
– We are still responsible for repairs, but the buyer must pay the actual cost of replacement materials and components.
Repair or replace with a new one at a preferential price when the warranty period expires.
3. Instructions for claiming warranty
You can call the company’s customer care department to request warranty:
For further details, please contact us:
Hotline: 0901 853 853.
4. Return policy
– Scope of application
Returns are applicable within 12 hours for products damaged due to shipping errors or manufacturer errors.
5. Return conditions
– Return time: within 7 days from the date of request to return goods
– Require to keep the original packaging and labels of the product when returning it
– The number of returns for a product is 1 time
– Products that cannot be returned: the return period has expired and the products are not due to the carrier’s fault and are not due to the manufacturer’s fault.
We are also very willing to listen to customers’ suggestions and requests.
You can contact: 0901 853 853 (office hours) to provide your comments on our products and services.

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