What is the standard for a high-line nose lift? Where should I get it done?

A standard high-line nose lift offers superior advantages compared to many traditional nose shapes. However, there are certainly many people who have questions about the specific techniques involved in high-line nose lifts. This article by Mega Gangnam will help you learn more about this nose lift technique.

What is a high-line nose lift?

A high-line nose lift is a technique where doctors insert biological cartilage into the nasal cavity and then shape it into an S or L-Line to match each individual’s facial structure. For high-line nose lift services, this is a technology originating from South Korea and possesses outstanding advantages that help individuals achieve a perfect nose shape.

How does the High-Line nose lift work?

How does the High-Line nose lift work?

In Vietnam, the high-line nose lift procedure has been transferred to most beauty centers. This can also be considered an advanced nose correction technique that helps individuals overcome the shortcomings of flat, broad, or wide nasal bridges. Moreover, the procedure is known for its fast implementation without causing complications.

  • Attaining the golden ratio nose shape: The high-line nose lift is seen as a significant structural adjustment method. As a result, you will have a nose shape that harmonizes with your overall facial features. Since this method uses the connection of artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage to naturally elevate the nasal dorsum, it also has the advantage of avoiding dangerous complications such as extrusion, redness, and pus.
  • You can customize the height: If you have a low or unsatisfactory nasal dorsum height, you can apply the high-line nose lift technique to correct it.

Prominent High-Line Nose Lift Methods Today

Currently, there are diverse standard high-line nose lift methods, utilizing various popular technologies such as structural nasal lifts. Specifically, they include:

Standard High-Line Nose Lift: Doctors often recommend the standard high-line nose lift for cases where the nose already has an attractive shape, and the nasal tip is slender. Physicians mainly focus on the nasal dorsum to make the nose more balanced and harmonious with the face.

High-Line nose standard shape before and after

High-Line nose standard shape before and after

Standard High-Line Nose Lift: In a standard high-line nose lift, doctors administer local anesthesia to the nasal area and then wrap artificial cartilage around it. The incision is typically made in the nasal cavity, reducing scarring and emphasizing aesthetics.

Structural High-Line Nose Lift

The structural high-line nose lift helps reconstruct part of the nasal structure. Normally, this method is applied to individuals with low, flat nasal dorsums, coarse nasal tips, and less refined features. Physicians will elevate the nasal dorsum naturally and reshape the nasal tip to achieve the most harmonious facial appearance.

Structural High-Line Nose Lift

A structural high-line nose lift can improve the overall nose shape by elevating the nasal dorsum, adjusting the size of the nostrils, and refining the nasal wings. In addition, the nasal tip is wrapped with ear cartilage to avoid the exposure of cartilage or redness at the nasal tip. Aside from ear cartilage, doctors may also use rib cartilage or septal cartilage to shape the nose according to each individual’s needs.

High-Line nose structure lift

High-Line nose structure lift

Rib Cartilage High-Line Nose Lift

In the case of the high-line nose lift using rib cartilage, doctors will use the 6th or 7th rib bone to create the nasal dorsum. This method is applied to situations where the nose has been injured, has congenital defects, or has undergone multiple revisions.

According to some experts, using rib cartilage for the high-line nose lift ensures a high level of safety and good compatibility of the cartilage with the body. Therefore, the resulting nose shape is naturally straight and has long-lasting durability. Despite its remarkable advantages, the rib cartilage nose lift requires skilled and highly experienced surgeons to ensure optimal results and minimize risks.

NanoCell 4.0 High-Line Nose Lift

This is a new technology with outstanding advantages that utilizes the patient’s own cartilage combined with a two-layered safe sil artificial cartilage. It represents a fresh breakthrough in shaping the nose to suit each individual customer.

Nose shape according to the high-line nano cell 4D technology

Nose shape according to the high-line nano cell 4D technology

The advantages of Nanocell 4D can be summarized as follows:

  • Surgical Instrument: Unlike other high-line nose lift methods that may use conventional surgical instruments, Nanocell 4.0 High-Line Nose Lift utilizes an RF surgical instrument, also known as an electric scalpel. This instrument operates using radio wave energy to minimize bleeding, reduce complications, create smaller incisions, and facilitate faster recovery.
  • Technique: Implementing the Nanocell 4.0 high-line nose lift method optimizes nose shape, resulting in a slimmer nasal tip and addressing crooked, deviated, and short noses. Consequently, the technique used significantly influences the formation of the nose shape. Nanocell 4.0 High-Line Nose Lift effectively corrects nose deformities, bringing them back to a more balanced state.
  • Scar Minimization: The Nanocell 4.0 high-line nose lift technology only requires a very fine incision inside the nasal tip, ensuring minimal scarring and preserving aesthetics. As a result, the nose shape achieved appears elegant, balanced, and natural.

The standard medical process for the high-line nose lift procedure

The standard nose lift procedure of the high-line nose shape.

The standard nose lift procedure of the high-line nose shape

To understand the standard high-line nose lift process, you can refer to the specific steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Conduct a nose examination where the doctor simultaneously checks the patient’s health to ensure they are in the right condition for the nose lift. At Mega Gangnam, pre-nose lift consultations are carried out in a state-of-the-art examination room equipped with advanced devices that are unique to Vietnam, such as multi-dimensional spectrophotometry, AI Perfect Face nose shape programming.
  • Step 2: Doctors take measurements of the nose’s proportions and provide advice on suitable materials for the client, adjusting the plan accordingly.
  • Step 3: Administer anesthesia and commence the nose lift surgery, which typically takes 1-2 hours. Finally, the doctor uses cosmetic sutures to close the incisions and prepares the patient for post-operative care.
  • Step 4: The patient rests at the clinic and follows the post-operative care regimen based on the doctor’s instructions.

The success of the nose lift process relies heavily on at-home care. Patients need to follow the prescribed guidelines and adhere to the doctor’s recommendations to achieve the most beautiful nose shape after surgery.

How much does a standard high-line nose lift cost?

Currently, the cost of a standard high-line nose lift in the market ranges from 20 million to 90 million VND. The price of the service will depend on individual choices, and the variation can be based on:

  • The doctor’s skill in performing the procedure, as well as the materials used for nose shaping. On average, a high-line nose lift can last for several decades depending on each person’s natural aging process. If you have it done at a reputable facility and take good care of it, the results can last for many years.
  • If the materials used for the nose lift meet medical standards, with highly compatible cartilage materials that minimize the risk of allergies and rejection by the body, then the shape of your nose is likely to be preserved for the long term.

Where is it safe to get a standard high-line nose lift?

If you are still uncertain about a place where you can safely have a standard high-line nose lift, consider our suggestion: Mega Gangnam.

Don't overlook Mega Gangnam - a safe and reputable place for nose lifts

Don’t overlook Mega Gangnam – a safe and reputable place for nose lifts

This is a unit that has established a strong presence in the beauty market and has achieved many proud achievements. Mega Gangnam has become the choice for many women seeking beauty with outstanding advantages, such as:

  • The team of doctors is highly professional, holds the necessary practice licenses issued by the Ministry of Health, and has worked in many major institutions before deciding to join Mega Gangnam. They are experts in successfully performing many complex cases.
  • A variety of standard high-line nose lift methods are transferred with technology from abroad, helping to minimize the disadvantages of traditional nose lift procedures.
  • The modern and luxurious 5-star standard facilities are well-equipped, and each procedure room is thoroughly sterilized before any treatment.
  • The staff and customer care team are well-trained, providing enthusiastic, attentive guidance to every customer to ensure they have the best experience and are satisfied with the quality of service.
  • Affordable costs with special discounts on various occasions help you save expenses while achieving the desired results.

It can be said that Mega Gangnam is a special destination that you should choose – ensuring both beauty and safety. Mega Gangnam always places people first and is ready to meet customer needs based on real requirements.

We hope that this article on the topic of standard high-line nose lifts has helped you understand the service and its costs. Mega Gangnam hopes that you will have the knowledge and confidence to address your own imperfections. Contact 093 770 6666 to schedule a consultation for the nose lift service.

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