Top 3+ Effective wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal technology

The desire to maintain youth forever is a need not only for women but also for everyone. Grasping this mentality, Gangnam International Clinic brings you the most modern and prestigious wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal technology in beauty services. The article below will help you with questions about facial skin and offer modern technology solutions to help improve your skin. Let’s find out now!

What is wrinkle lifting?

Nâng cơ xoá nhăn giúp cải thiện da mặt

Wrinkle lifting helps improve facial skin

Wrinkle lifting is the most popular non-surgical beauty method recently. The main purpose is to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin. From there, minimize wrinkles or sagging spots on the face. In other words, wrinkle lifting can be considered an anti-aging technology and restores the skin due to the effects of age, living environment… Helps us feel more confident thanks to smooth, shiny skin. and rosy.

Wrinkle lifting is a cosmetic service that lifts sagging muscles and stretches the skin with the purpose of reducing age-related wrinkles and skin aging to help you become younger and more confident. Wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal methods have many different technologies depending on the needs of each customer. When the signs of aging appear more and more on your face: the skin is no longer plump, less elastic, wrinkles appear at the corners of the mouth and eyes…

Makes women look older and more tired than usual. Therefore, choosing wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal measures is essential to maintain bright skin. Fast effectiveness, reasonable treatment cost without the need for surgical intervention or cosmetic surgery that leads to many side effects later.

Long-term benefits of lifting – rejuvenating – wrinkle removal treatments

Modern methods of lifting, rejuvenating and removing wrinkles bring many long-term benefits to the skin condition and health of the practitioner. If you are facing increasing signs of aging and there is no way to treat it. You can learn about some wrinkle removal and body lifting treatments with outstanding benefits such as:

Minimize wrinkles and sagging skin: Methods of lifting, rejuvenating and removing wrinkles help strongly stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This helps significantly improve degraded, sagging skin, giving us much smoother, more elastic skin.

Enhance blood circulation: Applying modern methods of lifting, rejuvenating and removing wrinkles is also an optimal way to stimulate circulation and blood circulation on the face. Thanks to this, the absorption of nutrients and oxygen is better, minimizing dark spots, increasing the brightness and brightness of the skin.

Reduces the appearance of freckles and dark spots: Increased production of collagen and elastin not only improves skin structure but also has positive changes in pigmentation. It is not difficult to notice that dark spots and freckles quickly disappear after applying some high-tech treatments.

Minimize the appearance of acne: Lifting, rejuvenating and wrinkle removal methods help reduce the appearance of acne and dark spots on the skin. This stems from the improved pore condition, and the bacteria and harmful materials on the surface are completely eliminated. Clear, clean skin helps us look younger and more vibrant.

The most effective wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal technologies

To improve aging facial skin with many wrinkles and sagging, high-tech methods are the best choice. Intensive intervention with modern machines and techniques can effectively support the structure, fill wrinkles and restore the skin. In case you are experiencing these problems and don’t know how to improve them, below are methods recommended by leading experts in the field. Let’s consult now!

Lifting and removing wrinkles with HIFU technology – rediscovering youth

Công nghệ HIFU tìm lại tuổi xuân của bạn

HIFU technology brings back your youth

Hifu technology is an intensive care and beauty method used for the purpose of lifting and removing wrinkles on the face and body. Through the thorough application of high-intensity focused ultrasound (Hifu – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). During operation, the wavelengths will radiate heat, heating and stimulating natural collagen production. This method does not require surgery, is painless and requires no recovery time.


  • Helps improve skin quickly. Nourishes healthy skin from deep within, nourishing natural skin.
  • HIFU skin lifting technology is performed gently and without surgery.
  • Has a lifting effect, helps firm the skin and creates a natural V-line, melting fat in the double chin area on the face.
  • Precise impact on the skin area that needs treatment, non-invasive, painless.
  • The treatment method is safe and does not waste the customer’s time.
  • Safe, does not affect customers’ skin, eyesight and health.
  • Verified by international experts.


Currently, HIFU technology still has certain limitations such as:

  • Treatment time lasts from 1-2 hours/session depending on different skin problems and skin areas.
  • The effectiveness of the treatment only lasts about 6 months. If you want to maintain the effect, you need to repeat the treatment many times.
  • The method is performed by a team of professional doctors with many years of experience. To achieve the desired results.
  • The cost of performing wrinkle lifting using HIFU technology is quite high.
  • The method does not have a clear effect on severely aging skin areas. If you want to strengthen it, you need to do it with other treatment methods.

Who should use the HIFU skin lifting and tightening method?

  • For men and women over the age of 30.
  • Congenital loose skin muscles.
  • Wrinkles appear around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead.
  • Skin ages naturally.
  • Visible wrinkles appear on the face.
  • Neck skin is wrinkled, facial contours are sagging.
  • Skin lacks vitality and is pale.

Lift and remove wrinkles with A.I – Mega Fiber autologous rejuvenation technology

MEGA FIBER trẻ hoá làn da

MEGA FIBER rejuvenates the skin

Mega Fiber technology is one of the rejuvenation and wrinkle removal treatments recommended by experts. This method is researched and developed by Mega Gangnam with the application of artificial intelligence A.I in analyzing and simulating skin condition, as well as results after rejuvenation. Along with that are modern supporting technologies, integrated in parallel such as implanting cloned autologous collagen or using microfibers. Mega Fiber provides outstanding rejuvenation and wrinkle removal effects that can last for decades. This is also a highly safe and painless therapy. It can therefore be performed in just a few minutes and requires no downtime after surgery.


  • Helps comprehensively rejuvenate and increase elasticity, making skin bright and full of vitality.
  • It is necessary to adjust the contours, correct and adjust facial blemishes to create a harmonious and elegant face.
  • Eliminates all wrinkles, especially in the following areas: nose grooves, mouth grooves, forehead, and tail of the face.
  • Lifting sagging muscles improves loose skin, eliminating fat on the chin and jawline.
  • Fills in concave, hollow, sunken areas to help the face look full and youthful.
  • Multi-layer skin structure regeneration helps restore skin function, regenerate old cells to produce new cells and increase collagen for bright, smooth skin.
  • This is a universal method that integrates all youthful and beautiful technologies in just one treatment process.
    Absolutely safe, no stiffness, no scars, quick recovery time.


  • Treatment with this method will require highly experienced specialists and doctors.
  • Treatment costs are quite expensive. Depending on each customer’s needs, services will have different prices.
  • But when you come to Mega Gangnam International Clinic, you will get the most suitable price.

Who should use the MEGA FIBER method?

  • People over the age of 30, both men and women.
  • People with aging skin want treatment to have more youthful, shiny skin but are afraid of going under the knife.
  • Those whose facial skin is in a state of aging.
  • Wrinkles appear a lot, making your face look older and less confident.

Lift and remove wrinkles with COLLAGEN GOLD FIBER hybrid thread tensioning technology

Hình ảnh làn da sau khi sử dụng công nghệ

Image of skin after using technology

Gold Fiber collagen thread tightening method was developed by leading Korean experts from Mega Gangnam. This is also a non-surgical cosmetic method, using ultra-thin collagen and gold nano threads with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.15 mm to implant into the underlying skin layer, through the use of a small needle. . These collagen threads are specially designed for the purpose of regenerating structure, improving skin elasticity, lifting muscles and removing wrinkles, creating a natural facial rejuvenation effect.


  • Thread lift and face lift is a cosmetic method that helps brighten the skin completely without the abuse of plastic surgery, ensuring absolute safety and effectiveness.
  • The process of lifting and removing wrinkles with thread is simple and quick, taking less than 60 minutes and does not take up too much of the customer’s time.
  • Helps the skin rejuvenate for a long time, effective for a long time. Especially, the amount of collagen supplied under the skin will continue to produce and maintain  rejuvenation for a long time.
  • The price of this service is very affordable for a natural, non-surgical beauty method.


  • The thread is extracted from collagen so it breaks easily when used. Nowadays, the threads used to tighten skin are also becoming more and more advanced and of better quality.
  • The degree of wrinkle removal during skin tightening may not be as desired.
  • Not much effective in cases of deep wrinkled skin that is difficult to treat
  • Time maintains relative time beauty.

Who should use the hybrid thread tensioning method?

  • Men and women aged 30-50 years old have mild, moderate or moderate aging skin.
  • People who do not have enough health conditions to undergo skin tightening surgery.
  • Do not suffer from dangerous diseases that affect your health or treatment time
  • People who do not want to undergo too much surgery. Compare images before and after wrinkle removal technology using technology

This is something that many customers pay attention to when learning about wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal methods using technology. Below are some before and after photos of customers using the service. Brings a perfect transformation to help rejuvenate everyone’s skin:

Many famous artists and actors have used skin lifting and tightening methods using technology at Mega Gangnam international clinic and the treatment effect is clear. After performing these methods, facial skin will become more youthful and shiny, and wrinkles will be significantly improved. Makes you more confident like you’ve just returned to your youth.

Artist Van Dung also shared his thoughts after using the technology method of lifting wrinkles and removing wrinkles: “You also know that time and age will make the skin become older and lose its vitality. But after just one Collagen Gold Fiber thread tightening treatment, you will regain surprisingly smooth, ageless skin, no different from when you were young. Time to gently and painlessly rejuvenate the skin, it doesn’t take much time but the effect is extremely wonderful.

Based on pictures before and after facelift. We can see that women have regained youthful, smooth skin full of vitality from deep within. Eliminate worries about facial skin aging, sagging and losing the beauty and confidence of youth.

How much does a face lift cost?

Are you wondering what the cost of these technologies is? It is dependent on a lot of factors.

The cost of the wrinkle lifting treatment depends on the type of wrinkle lifting technology as well as the facilities and treatment time. People need to clearly understand their own service needs as well as their economic conditions to choose the cosmetic method that best suits them.

Price list of market wrinkle lift and wrinkle removal costs:

Wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal service Cost (VND)
Mega Fiber wrinkle lifting From 20 million
Mega Fiber Plus wrinkle lifting and removal From 20 million
Thermage FLX wrinkle lifting From 20-40  million
Lift and remove wrinkles with collagen alone From 20 million
Hifu wrinkle lifting and wrinkle removal From 20 million
RF wrinkle removal lift From 20 million

Normally, the cost of wrinkle lifting technologies will range from 20-100 million. Depends on the technology and service method you want to perform.

Cost is not the most important factor to help you regain smooth and youthful skin, the factors of service quality, team of specialists and doctors. Is the clinic unit reputable and of good quality? Also greatly affects your treatment. Choose the clinic and service price you need wisely to get healthy, bright skin.

Things to note when lifting wrinkles?

Chăm sóc da mặt đúng cách để có một làn da khoẻ

Take care of your face properly to have healthy skin

Take care of your facial skin properly after wrinkle removal

Before performing facial lifting and wrinkle removal methods, it is also extremely necessary to take care of your skin after the treatment. After lifting and removing wrinkles, your skin will become shiny and smooth. However, facial care steps are indispensable to maintain that beauty longer and more effectively. Some facial care methods for your reference:

  • Do not lie on your stomach, limit lying on your side for 7-10 days.
  • Do not practice exercises such as yoga, jumping rope, hula hooping that cause sweating and unstable muscles.
  • Do not smoke or use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, etc.
  • Avoid sunlight, dust and pollution from the environment to protect your facial skin. If you have to go out, apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  • Do not use whitening or vitamin C products for about 15-20 days.
  • Don’t stay up late and wake up late as it will seriously affect your facial skin.
  • Develop a reasonable plan to work, study, eat, sleep, rest… time scientifically and in moderation to have beautiful, healthy skin from within.
  • Return to the clinic when you see strange symptoms on your face.
  • Drink lots of water, add green vegetables and fruits to your daily menu. Drinking 2 liters of water every day will help you have smooth, vibrant skin. Helps skin stay healthy and recover from within.

Choose a cosmetic clinic to lift and remove wrinkles that is reputable, quality, and safe.

Hình ảnh phòng khám quốc tế Gangnam

Image of Gangnam international clinic

MEGA GANGNAM – world class, continuing the quintessence of Korean aesthetics. After more than 13 years of formation and development in the Vietnamese market, Mega Gangnam has achieved many “admirable” achievements. International certificates, prestigious international aesthetic awards!

Are you worried about your facial skin problems? Do you want to improve wrinkles and sagging on your face but don’t know where to start? Please rest assured to trust us, the clinic will bring back the beauty of your lost youth.

With the mission of providing quick, safe and effective solutions to improve health and beauty. The clinic has conducted groundbreaking research and thoroughly applied the world’s most modern technologies in the field of beauty.

We are committed to bringing you extremely reputable wrinkle lifting and removal technologies, along with high quality services. Bring a great experience to customers with your dedication and heart.

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