Policy on receiving and resolving complaints

Customers have the right to submit a complaint about the disclosure of personal information to third parties to Mega Gangnam. When receiving these responses, Mega Gangnam will confirm the information, be responsible for answering the reason, and guide the Customer to restore and re-secure the information.

  • Principles for handling complaints:
  • Mega Gangnam respects and seriously implements the provisions of law on protecting the rights of Customers, however, Mega Gangnam will only have the right and obligation to conduct activities under Mega Gangnam’s authority, subject to the Terms and Conditions. and to the extent permitted by law.
  • To protect your own rights and assist Mega Gangnam in protecting the Customer’s own rights, the Customer needs to provide Mega Gangnam with complete, accurate, and truthful information.
  • Customers can send complaints directly to Mega Gangnam.
  • After Mega Gangnam receives a complaint from the Customer, Mega Gangnam will confirm the information. If it is correct, depending on the level, Mega Gangnam will take timely measures in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and laws.
    Mega Gangnam’s complaint resolution process:
  • Step 1: All requests for complaint resolution will be transferred to Mega Gangnam’s Customer Care department: Hotline:
  • Step 2: After receiving the request to resolve the complaint, the Customer Care department will verify the information provided by the Customer (through relevant staff, and information content on the Website). , create a complaint resolution report, save it and transfer it to the person who directly supports you.
  • Step 3: The Customer Care Department is responsible for providing a satisfactory solution to the Customer and responding in writing; If the Customer agrees with Mega Gangnam’s solution, the complaint resolution process ends. In case the Customer does not agree with the above solution and requests re-resolution. The request to re-resolve the complaint will be transferred to the Customer Care department for resolution according to this process
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