Mega Fiber – Self-rejuvenation technology with AI

Mega Fiber – Self-rejuvenation through AI – Pioneering the era of non-surgical beauty in Vietnam with the miraculous new generation 5.0. How does it work?

The emergence of Self-rejuvenation Technology with AI, named Mega Fiber, overcomes all the limitations of existing rejuvenation technologies in the market – An all-encompassing method that integrates various beauty treatments into a single procedure without surgery.

We are combining with AI Perfect Face technology to simulate future images and predict post-treatment results, Mega Fiber ensures absolute customer satisfaction.

What is Mega Fiber?

According to surveys, up to 98% of customers who have undergone the Mega Fiber rejuvenation treatment have expressed complete satisfaction and regained their confident and youthful appearance after just one 60-minute session. So, what is Mega Fiber that has gained the trust and preference of thousands of customers? Let’s explore the following information:

1. Mega Fiber – Self-rejuvenation through AI

Mega Fiber – Self-rejuvenation through AI is the latest high-tech aesthetic service in South Korea that maximizes the effectiveness of skin rejuvenation by adjusting and creating a “Perfect Face” ratio without the need for surgical extraction.

Video about Mega Fiber: Click here to watch

By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the AI Perfect Face technology, customers undergo a programmed facial assessment and simulation of future images during the consultation process.

The procedure utilizes the autologous collagen implantation method combined with the super-fine Mega Fiber threads to enhance the effectiveness of contouring, tightening, and lifting sagging muscles. It fills in hollow areas, erases wrinkles, and comprehensively rejuvenates the face from deep within, creating a unique and perfect beauty for customers.


The creation of a unique and personalized face is based on the individual’s inherent facial features, achieving natural beauty according to the standards of the new generation 5.0 (Youthful-Beautiful) aesthetics, biometrics, and personal preferences, providing customers with a perfectly completed face that matches their desires.

Each customer will be accompanied by a high-level consultant to activate the creation process, outlining a new unique face that still retains their distinctive features.

2. Mega Fiber – Convergence of World-Class Beauty Solutions

Self-rejuvenation through A.I with the method of creating a unique face by applying top-tier beauty solutions: Mega Fiber Superfine Threads, autologous collagen implantation combined with analysis of the Perfect Face Ratio (PF) to program a natural beauty without surgery.

Mega Fiber Superfine Threads penetrate deep and strongly impact all three layers of the skin, including the muscle layer. When introduced into the skin, they repair damage at the cellular level, connect and strengthen the tissue cells, form a network of collagen and elastin to support the entire muscle structure, tighten and lift sagging muscles, and halt the aging process. Moreover, the remarkable feature of these superfine threads is their ability to regenerate damaged DNA cells, rejuvenate the entire skin structure, restore freshness, and provide limitless skin elasticity for everlasting youthfulness.

Combined with autologous collagen implantation using growth cells extracted from the body and directly transplanted deep beneath the epidermis, it replenishes the skin with new cells, filling in imperfections such as depressions, hollows, and contours, achieving a harmonious facial shape. Furthermore, the cell proliferation also revitalizes the skin, increasing its thickness and volume, while preventing the production of melanin pigments that cause skin darkening.

Mega Fiber - The perfect combination of world-class beauty solutions.

Mega Fiber – The perfect combination of world-class beauty solutions.

Is Mega Fiber technology good?

Mega Fiber technology is highly regarded for its effectiveness in rejuvenating and improving the skin. It has been recognized and certified for its standards of quality and safety by various reputable organizations, including:

  • CE: European Conformity, a quality certification by the European Union.
  • FDA: United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • KFDA: Korea Food and Drug Administration.
  • IBHGU Alliance: Korean Beauty and Health Association Certification 

Mega Fiber is the most impressive and favored beauty technology by thousands of customers within the network of Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Centers worldwide, including Mega Gangnam Vietnam.

Advantages of Mega Fiber self-rejuvenation technology

With Mega Fiber, you will enjoy the incredible benefits of self-rejuvenation technology, including the following outstanding advantages:

  • Comprehensive rejuvenation: It enhances skin elasticity, making the skin firm and full of vitality.
  • Facial contouring: It corrects and adjusts facial imperfections, creating a harmonious and graceful appearance.
  • Wrinkle eradication: It diminishes all types of wrinkles, including nose lines, laugh lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.
  • Firming and lifting sagging muscles: It improves sagging and loose skin, eliminates double chin, and defines a sharp jawline.
  • Filling in hollow areas: It plumps up sunken and depressed areas, giving the face a fuller and youthful look.
  • Multilayer skin restructuring: It restores skin function, repairs and regenerates aged cells, stimulates the production of new cells, and increases collagen synthesis for smooth and healthy skin.
  • Radiant and even complexion: It provides a glowing and rosy complexion, improves skin tone, and promotes overall skin brightness and health from within.
The image depicts the simulation of the subcutaneous layer after undergoing the Mega Fiber treatment regimen.

The image depicts the simulation of the subcutaneous layer after undergoing the Mega Fiber treatment regimen.

Is Mega Fiber technology painful and safe?

  • If you are looking for a painless skin rejuvenation method, Mega Fiber technology is an ideal choice. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Mega Fiber ensures a safe and worry-free experience in self-rejuvenation, without compromising on safety, aesthetics, or potential complications. This is because:
  • It is a pioneering technology in the beauty field, known as Beauty 5.0.
  • It integrates versatile methods of beauty and rejuvenation into a single treatment regimen.
  • The procedure is painless, non-surgical, requires no downtime, and is gentle on the skin.
  • It is absolutely safe, without causing stiffness or leaving scars, with a quick recovery time.
  • Visible results can be observed after just 60 minutes of treatment and can last for 8-10 years (depending on individual factors and personal care routines).
The results of customers after undergoing Mega Fiber treatment

The results of customers after undergoing Mega Fiber treatment

The process of implementing Mega Fiber technology

Have you ever desired to have youthful, radiant, and even-toned skin? Let Mega Fiber – the self-rejuvenation technology powered by AI – help you achieve this with the following process:

  • Step 1: Measure the Perfect Face (PF) index with A.I Perfect Face Technology.
  • Step 2: Assess overall facial aging with the Omni Spectrum Mirror, a multidimensional light spectrum machine.
  • Step 3: Measure collagen density with the Humanity 6D ProFace ultrasound device.
  • Step 4: Create a unique facial blueprint through simulated modeling.
  • Step 5: Proceed with the treatment.
  • Step 6: Provide post-treatment instructions and guidance.
Procedure for implementing Mega Fiber technology

Procedure for implementing Mega Fiber technology

Skincare routine after receiving Mega Fiber service

After undergoing the Mega Fiber service, a non-surgical and minimally painful skin rejuvenation treatment, it is important to follow the following guidelines to ensure optimal results:

  • Firstly, absolutely avoid using facial cleansers for the first 3 days after the treatment. Instead, cleanse your face thoroughly using physiological saline water and rinse with purified water.
  • Secondly, limit tilting your head, laughing loudly, eating hard foods, and opening your mouth widely. Say “no” to steam baths and minimize massaging the treated area with Mega Fiber super-fine threads for at least 2 weeks.
  • Thirdly, do not use strong acid-based products such as BHA and retinol for 1 week to avoid skin irritation.
  • Fourthly, refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol or stimulants, engaging in intense physical activities, or receiving facial massages or acupuncture within the first month after the treatment.
  • Fifthly, avoid undergoing beauty treatments such as laser, Hifu, Thermage, or hair removal procedures for 2 months.
  • Lastly, follow the instructions provided by your doctor regarding the use of skincare products and supplements.

If you experience pain, discomfort, or any unusual signs in the treated area, please contact the Customer Care department or the Mega Gangnam Hotline for prompt advice and assistance.

Mega Fiber and its world-class awards

Since the introduction of the AI Perfect Face technology in the examination process of Mega Fiber service, Megacorp Healthcare Group, and Mega Gangnam International Clinic have been honored with prestigious awards, including:

  • The most groundbreaking invention, the greatest non-surgical beauty technology of the 21st century.
  • The Korea Beauty Innovations Awards 2021 for Beauty Creativity.
  • The Asian Technology Excellence Awards 2021 for Best Technology.

These remarkable achievements have propelled Mega Gangnam International Clinic to new heights, solidifying its position as the “Queen” of the Internal Aesthetic Medicine industry in Vietnam.

Where is it safe to undergo the Mega Fiber service?

Currently, Mega Fiber technology is exclusively available at Mega Gangnam International Clinic. Mega Gangnam has locations in three major cities across Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, and is the sole provider of Mega Fiber service nationwide.

See more Mega Fiber: Here

Here are the reasons to consider choosing Mega Gangnam International Clinic for the Mega Fiber service:

  • A reputable brand leading the aesthetic market in Vietnam for 13 years, and a member of Mega Corporation, the largest healthcare conglomerate in South Korea.
  • Non-invasive anti-aging technology that provides comprehensive beauty enhancement from the skin to the body, certified as safe and effective by renowned global organizations such as the FDA, KFDA, and CE.
  • Direct consultations and personalized treatment plans by a team of Korean experts and renowned cosmetic surgeons.
  • Adherence to the standardized medical procedures of South Korea, ensuring the quality of services and absolute hygiene.
  • Luxurious and upscale 5-star Korean ambiance, offering a relaxing and comfortable experience for customers.
  • A trusted destination for beauty and health care for many prominent entrepreneurs and celebrities, including singer Dan Truong, comedians Van Dung and Xuan Hinh, artist Thanh Hoa, MC Minh Ha, and MC Thanh Bach.

Mega Gangnam’s Commitment to the Mega Fiber Treatment

With the Mega Fiber treatment, Mega Gangnam International Clinic is ready to provide and ensure the commitment to effectiveness and high-quality service until the customer is satisfied. Mega Gangnam commits to

  • Adhering to the KFDA standards in the procedure.
  • Natural-looking rejuvenation.
  • Perfect beauty.
  • Balanced facial proportions.
  • Harmonious facial contours.

These are the commitments of Mega Gangnam for the Mega Fiber treatment, instilling trust and satisfaction in customers throughout the skincare process.

Images and Reviews from Customers After Using Mega Fiber

Below are some images and reviews from customers after using the Mega Fiber service compiled by Mega Gangnam:

Sister Cat Tuyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Sister Cat Tuyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Sister Cat Tuyen: I am very satisfied with the Mega Fiber treatment. After completing it, my skin looks much smoother and more radiant. I feel that I don’t need to rest or limit my activities after the treatment, and my work is not affected.

Mrs. Huyen Sam Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Mrs. Huyen Sam Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Mrs. Huyen Sam: I followed the post-treatment instructions for Mega Fiber correctly, and the results are truly impressive. My skin has become more youthful, and firmer, and there are no signs of irritation. I feel more confident about my appearance.

Mrs. Minh Huyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Mrs. Minh Huyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Mrs Minh Huyen: After using Mega Fiber, I truly feel that my face looks more youthful. However, I have also followed the instructions for post-treatment skincare to achieve optimal results. I can clearly see the difference and am satisfied with this outcome.

Mrs. Ngoc Huyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Mrs. Ngoc Huyen Before and After Using the Mega Fiber Treatment

Ngoc Huyen: I underwent the Mega Fiber treatment, and I genuinely feel that my skin has improved. However, during the skincare process, I accidentally used a product with strong acidity. Fortunately, the center’s consultants promptly called me to inquire and provide assistance in rectifying the situation.

Sister Huong Nguyen: I have used Mega Fiber for a period of time, and the results are truly amazing. My skin has become firm, smooth, and more elastic. I also appreciate that the process was easy to undergo and did not cause any pain. I have found an effective solution for skincare with Mega Fiber.

The article is professionally advised by Dr. Nguyen Thanh Quy, a dermatologist specializing in aesthetic medicine, currently working at the multinational cosmetic healthcare corporation, Mega Corp (with its branch system, Mega Gangnam, in Vietnam).

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