At the prime age of a woman’s life, Thuy An chose to put herself on a dead-end path, turning her life into a chain of despairing days.

Born and raised in Hanoi, with a model-worthy appearance (standing at 1.70 meters) and fair, smooth skin, Thuy An was the dream girlfriend of many young men at the time. However, despite her family’s objections, she decided to follow her heart and marry the man she loved.

She got married at the tender age of 19, an age when her peers were still attending university or focused on their careers and relationships. While her friends were enjoying their youth, Thuy An had to juggle a busy family life and responsibilities. Everything seemed smooth and happy until she gave birth to her first daughter. This marked the beginning of her joy as a mother but also the increasing alienation and coldness from her husband due to her deteriorating appearance.

Thuy An shared, “I became a mother early, and while my peers were still youthful, I was busy taking care of my child and managing household responsibilities, leaving me with no time to take care of myself. Gradually, not only did I suffer from physical changes such as sagging skin after childbirth, but there was also no way to regain my youthful appearance. My husband grew disheartened and distant from me. From then on, the distance between us continued to grow. The most painful moment was when I discovered he had another woman and demanded a divorce…”

The tears shed in the past couldn’t save the marriage that Thuy An herself had chosen. Even now, they continue to flow as she recounts her past. Understandably, the years she had to combat loneliness, coldness, and the stresses of taking care of her child were as difficult as they come.

Thus, from being a charming and joyful young woman, Thuy An transformed into a bitter, miserable person, and it’s hard to pinpoint when this happened. Life stretched on, just like the emotions in her story since the day her daughter was born.

Thuy An said, “Am I the only one who lived in bitterness? I pitied myself most of all because I influenced my daughter, preventing her from having a life like her peers, unable to make her proud when she talked about her mother.”

Thuy An’s life seemed trapped and hopeless, with no way out. But everything changed when her daughter registered her for the “Challenge Time” campaign by Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Institute. The program acted as a “ray of hope” for both Thuy An and her daughter, with the fervent desire to change their lives.

Thuy An’s daughter said, “I can’t forget my mother’s difficult times; they are a part of my childhood. I love my mother very much and want to find a way to help her change her life. Luckily, I learned about the Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Institute and the ‘Challenge Time’ program. I registered my mother because she truly deserves it.”

“Challenge Time” is a special gift brought by the Mega Gangnam Aesthetic Institute in collaboration with the Mega Corporation’s charitable foundation from South Korea. It aims to give women with touching stories and inspirational experiences the chance to undergo a full-face Collagen Gold Fiber thread lift worth VND 300 million. This opportunity not only allows the chosen women to change their appearance, regain their youth, and boost their confidence in life but also introduces many women who are self-conscious about their aging appearance to advanced, effective, and safe beauty technologies available today.

Fortunately, Thuy An was one of the two lucky individuals selected for this amazing beauty treatment. Who knows, thanks to the magical rejuvenation she received directly from South Korean experts, she may find a new destination for herself, a change in her appearance, and ultimately, a change in her life.

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