Embracing significant investments in an array of exquisite gift boxes, Mega Gangnam, a renowned beauty clinic, goes above and beyond to show gratitude to its customers during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This not only serves as an expression of appreciation but also reinforces the brand’s prestige, underscores its market presence, and sets it apart.

From the beginning of September, all branches of Mega Gangnam International Clinic across the nation have been bustling with customer care activities for the Mid-Autumn Festival. These activities include adorning the halls, photography sessions, and notably, the direct gifting of presents by Korean doctors. Among the four gift boxes introduced to ladies this year, two, “Longevity” and “Prosperity,” are of significant value and reserved for VIP and VVIP customers.

Conceptualized and prepared for two months before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the “Longevity” and “Prosperity” gift boxes showcase a nostalgic charm, featuring antique items once used by ancient queens and concubines. The boxes are meticulously handcrafted with intricate details, such as handles made of bamboo, gilded ornamentation, or finely polished metal edges. The entire gift box exudes a sense of nostalgia with the image of a single peony flower, symbolizing the high elegance of women and prosperity. Additionally, there is a golden pheasant perched on a branch of a magnolia, representing luck and the attraction of wealth to the owner. Holding these rich Mid-Autumn festival gift boxes gives a sense of opulence, reminiscent of ancient royalty.

Upon opening the box, customers are particularly impressed by the four gleaming and fragrant mooncakes, made with nourishing ingredients carefully selected by Mega Gangnam’s experienced team of doctors and nutrition experts, such as Saffron, Ganoderma lucidum, King Oyster mushrooms, and premium swallow’s nest. Expensive beverages or high-end skincare products accompany these mooncakes.

Mrs. Tuyet, a 43-year-old customer in Ho Chi Minh City, expressed immense joy upon receiving the “Longevity” gift box at the Mega Gangnam branch in District 10. She mentioned her curiosity about the beauty clinic’s Mid-Autumn gifts every year, and she has never been disappointed.

“Despite being just mooncakes, they invest so much here, it’s like holding a work of art. The moment I held this gift box, I could feel the sincerity and appreciation that Mega Gangnam has for each customer,” Mrs. Tuyet said.

Why does Mega Gangnam invest in gifting to customers?

Not only during the Mid-Autumn Festival but also on all major holidays, birthdays, and special occasions, Mega Gangnam provides highly personalized gifts tailored to the preferences and needs of each client. This is part of the 5-star customer care service standard that the clinic’s leadership set when repositioning and rebranding the company at the end of 2018.

“At Mega Gangnam, customers not only have access to cutting-edge rejuvenation technologies from South Korea and around the world, direct consultations with highly skilled Korean doctors but also enjoy the essence of customer care that our entire staff has dedicated years to building,” said Ms. Thu Ella, Deputy General Director of Mega Gangnam.

According to Ms. Thu Ella, thanks to the strategy rooted in the concept of “heart,” in just three years, Mega Gangnam has emerged as a leading brand in high-tech beauty and rejuvenation in Vietnam. Mega Gangnam is not only beloved by female customers but has also become a trusted beauty destination for celebrities like Thu Minh and other prominent figures in showbiz.

“When I first came here, it was because of friends’ recommendations, praising the excellent service and doctors. When I arrived and was treated like a fairy, I ended up ‘addicted’ to coming here for beauty treatments,” Mrs. Tuyet humorously shared.

Ms. Thu Ella mentioned that soon, Mega Gangnam will continue its strategy of standardizing customer care services and will offer even more surprises to customers to enhance the brand’s presence in Vietnam.

For all inquiries, please contact:

Mega Gangnam – 5-star Healthcare Excellence

Hotline: 093 770 6666



Branch locations:


Mega Gangnam Building, 454 Xa Dan Street, Dong Da District

Ho Chi Minh City:

Mega Gangnam Building, 29 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1

Mega Gangnam Building, 68 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 12, District 10

Da Nang:

Level 2 of Muong Thanh Luxury Sông Hàn Hotel, a 5-star hotel, 115 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Nam Duong Ward, Hai Chau District

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