People often say that middle age is the prime of a woman’s life when they reach the pinnacle of their career. However, why does success vary from person to person, and does it depend on the appearance of women?

In a study published in 2021 by Ms. Galina Hale, an economist and Associate Director of the Financial Analysis Center at the University of California, she examined the careers of nearly 800 economics graduates from top American universities over four years from 2002-2006. The results showed that women who were rated as attractive consistently found higher-paying job positions and continued to secure good academic roles over the following 15 years.

Despite ongoing debates, one cannot deny the role of appearance in the workplace, especially for middle-aged women. When combined with experience and expertise, a youthful and attractive appearance can be a valuable asset, boosting confidence in networking and establishing social and professional relationships in the workplace.

Taking care of one’s face to look youthful and beautiful is a way to maintain one’s brand

In Vietnam, it’s common to see successful female entrepreneurs and business owners who consistently impress others with their youthful appearance and charisma, regardless of their age. Some women in the business field particularly emphasize the importance of facial care, believing it affects their feng shui, career, and reputation.

Ms. Xuan Thanh, 50 years old and a loyal customer of Mega Gangnam Aesthetics, is a successful textile entrepreneur in Binh Duong. She shares that her face is her brand, and it’s the first thing clients and partners assess when they meet her.

“Firstly, a youthful and beautiful face shows that there’s a wealth of energy inside, allowing me to handle stress more effectively, and it naturally leaves a better impression on my business partners. Secondly, taking care of one’s appearance and presenting oneself in the best possible way in front of partners is a way of showing respect. The more I care for myself, the more it demonstrates my attention to detail and proactiveness. These are qualities that don’t require the expertise of physiognomy or Feng Shui, and it’s something I can convey to my business partners through my appearance,” Ms. Thanh shared.

After using Mega Gangnam’s AI-based Self-Rejuvenation service, she noticed significant progress in her career. “I confidently meet clients and have secured more favorable contracts. I even engage in live-streaming sessions with customers on social media platforms. This youthful and beautiful appearance has opened up numerous valuable opportunities for me.”

Mega Gangnam: 15 years of helping Vietnamese women stay youthful

Established in Vietnam in 2018, Mega Gangnam aspires to be more than just a beauty service provider. It aims to be a genuine companion in customers’ proactive journey to care for their beauty.

Notably, from late 2011 to the present, Mega Gangnam has consistently marked significant milestones in its development journey. It began by introducing the self-rejuvenation service, A.I-Mega Fiber. Following this, alongside outfitting high-tech examination rooms at all four branches from North to South, Mega Gangnam continued to make waves in the Vietnamese beauty and rejuvenation industry. It became the first beauty clinic brand to collaborate with the M.O.I cosmetics brand, led by singer Hồ Ngọc Hà as the creative director, to create a line of skincare products designed specifically for post-high-tech beauty treatment care.

As a result, the Mega Gangnam brand has continually received recognition and prestigious awards, such as the Outstanding Asian Brand Award by the Vietnam Business Development and the Asian Economic Research Institute in collaboration with the Institute of Competition Assessment. Earlier this year, it was honored with the TOP 10 STRONG VIETNAM BRANDS – VIII Edition award organized by the Asian Economic Research Institute and the Vietnam Business Development Union.

These acknowledgments bear witness to the relentless efforts of the Mega Gangnam team in providing Vietnamese customers with the most advanced skincare treatments, offering a perfect beauty experience and utmost satisfaction through fast and safe health and beauty enhancement solutions.

Mega Gangnam – 5-star Healthcare Excellence

Hotline: 093 770 6666

Website: https://megagangnam.com

Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/Phongkham.MegaGangnam

Branch locations:


Mega Gangnam Building, 454 Xa Dan Street, Dong Da District

Ho Chi Minh City:

Mega Gangnam Building, 29 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1

Mega Gangnam Building, 68 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 12, District 10

Da Nang:

Level 2 of Muong Thanh Luxury Han River Hotel, a 5-star hotel, 115 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Nam Duong Ward, Hai Chau District

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