( Since its establishment in 2008, Mega Gangnam International Clinic has been steadfastly bringing the achievements of Korea in the field of health-beauty-rejuvenation to serve customers in Vietnam.

At present, if you come to any branch of Mega Gangnam International Clinic, customers will be amazed by a luxurious space just like the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Not only that, all four branches are well-invested in terms of technology, team of doctors, and people-service, making Mega Gangnam not only a place to help enhance the beauty and health of customers, but also a place for customers to satisfy with spiritual experiences.

With the criterion that beauty is a legitimate need of women and after all the sacrifices, pressures from work, life, family, they deserve the best, the whole team of Mega Gangnam for more than a decade has been persistently bringing the essence of health-beauty-rejuvenation from the cradle of modern cosmetic surgery – Korea to serve women.

Customers who have both excess and deficiency

As service users, customers are always the King, with full power. However, they do not know about their own aging condition, do not know what their skin needs to rejuvenate, are too busy to understand thoroughly the technologies available on the market, and do not know which one is the most suitable for them. In other words, they lack data to make decisions.

That is why in all its activities, Mega Gangnam does not only want to “sell” services like other cosmetic-beauty centers, but aims to become a reliable companion in the journey of preserving health-beauty for customers. This is most clearly shown by the fact that Mega Gangnam constantly updates technology, brings in modern machines and methods to serve customers.

Mega Gangnam owns technologies that customers can hardly find anywhere in Vietnam such as high-tech examination rooms with Korean standards pioneering in Vietnam, examination technology using artificial intelligence A.I that helps identify skin condition details, even helps customers see their face after intervention… This makes customers feel like they are stepping into a beauty center in the expensive Gangnam district in Korea when they come to use the service.

In the midst of a service industry that still has many negative views after many cases of complications, doll faces, industrial beauty, and molds, Mega Gangnam decided not to follow the old path but chose its own direction.

In November 2011, when introducing the self-rejuvenation service from A.I-Mega Fiber to customers, Mega Gangnam also repositioned all activities and services towards respecting, preserving, honoring and enhancing the natural and inherent features of each woman

Choosing to enter a niche market with a very small customer base at that time – those are progressive women who know how to love and appreciate their values, the team of Mega Gangnam has spent a lot of time and effort to convey their positive message to more women.

Only after half a year, that message was lucky to receive the support of many big names of showbiz such as Thu Minh, Dan Truong, Thanh Bach, Minh Ha, Phong Linh…, experts of the cosmetic-beauty industry, as well as the public. Women have understood that the peak of rejuvenation is not only to erase wrinkles, lift sagging skin or tighten facial skin, but how to return to their youthful beauty in the past, in other words: still themselves, but a better version, younger, more beautiful, and more perfect

Venture to leap

With a thorough investment and determination, leadership of the management, Mega Gangnam International Clinic is gradually becoming a famous name in the rejuvenation industry for middle-aged women.

Although this result is deserved for the relentless efforts of the leaders and staff here, it does not make Mega Gangnam stop improving technology, skills, and service quality. The high-tech examination rooms with Korean standards, the breakthrough multi-treatment technologies, the experienced Korean doctors who directly examine customers, or the professional consultants, are all just the beginning of a new journey at the place where the unique beauty of each woman is reborn!


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