Why is Mega Gangnam Ready to Take Risks with Mega Fiber Services?

(Soha.vn) Mega Fiber represents the relentless efforts of Mega Gangnam International Clinic to bring the best to Vietnamese customers.

Famous MC Trac Thuy Mieu once remarked: “Mega Fiber is a bold step for Mega Gangnam, and pioneers always have to embrace challenges.” This is because the self-rejuvenation service from A.I-Mega Fiber is so fresh, unique, and special that it unintentionally made Vietnamese customers somewhat hesitant and cautious at first.

Some women took the risk of using this service simply because of the trust they had in the reputation of Mega Gangnam International Clinic and its team of doctors and experts. Surprisingly, those who have tried it are consistently satisfied, praise it, and show it off because they have realized that Mega Fiber is the rejuvenation technology that meets all the requirements they have been seeking for so long.

Recognize the true nature of aging

For many years, the world’s aesthetic experts have agreed that facial aging is the result of many causes and therefore it requires a multi-treatment regimen to solve. A study published in March 2016 by a group of three doctors from the University of California Irvine (USA) – Jessica Chuang, Christian Barne and Brian J. F. Wong – showed that the two main causes of aging are the reduction of collagen and elastin fibers under the skin and the overactivity of facial muscles, stemming from the habit of repeating expressions, causing the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS) – the organ that controls facial muscles – to sag, lose elasticity and support.

No method has yet achieved both goals simultaneously: (1) filling fiber volume, replacing broken collagen and elastin fibers and (2) reshaping the SMAS frame that can solve the problem of comprehensive, thorough and sustainable skin aging.

“It is unfortunate that all the famous rejuvenation treatments in the past such as thread lifting, filler injection, autologous fat grafting, Hifu, Thermage … only stopped at single treatment level” , Dr. Nguyen Thanh – Former head of the examination department, National Dermatology Hospital observed.

Multi-treatment technology with breakthrough features

With the goal of creating a “two-in-one” method, satisfying the expectations of professionals and customers, the scientists and top cosmetic doctors at Mega Group Korea have spent many years researching to combine two breakthrough technologies of the 21st century: Autologous Collagen Replication and Mega Fiber Superfine Fibers.

Autologous Collagen Replication is the latest generation of biological fillers, extracted from the customer’s own blood and considered the perfect replacement for the fiber system broken by aging under the skin.

Achieving the effect of filling the concave-convex areas and aligning-shaping the contours, along with the width of the previous filler generations, but autologous collagen replication also achieves 100% compatibility with the body of the person being injected, extremely safe so it does not cause any reactions such as swelling, inflammation, infection … like when introducing foreign fillers into the body. Moreover, taking blood from oneself is also easy, less painful and does not need to use anesthetics like in the method of taking autologous fat.

On the other hand, Mega Fiber uses a new generation of multifunctional superfine fibers with a super-thin structure and cast spikes that help achieve 10 times more effective tightening, pulling and lifting sagging muscles than conventional threads, achieving superior wrinkle removal effect while still retaining the soft and natural expressions of the face.

Not only that, Mega Fiber superfine fibers also supplement Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) component which plays the role of a source of abundant nutrients to maintain the vitality of the “army” of new collagen stimulated to produce

Leading in successfully combining these two breakthrough beauty technologies, Mega Fiber is the leading service in the cosmetic market in terms of safety and rejuvenation effectiveness. “Only one treatment lasting just 60 minutes and Mega Fiber still has the ability to lift muscles, erase wrinkles and return up to 10 years of youth to customers. That is something that no technology dares to affirm can do”, Dr. Thanh affirmed.

Pioneering the application of artificial intelligence in beauty

The excellence of Mega Fiber indeed stems from its superiority in each of its inherent technologies. This service goes a step further by employing artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology in the diagnostic process to accurately identify all aging factors, thus enabling the most appropriate intervention and treatment for each customer.

Vì sao Mega Gangnam sẵn sàng “liều lĩnh” với dịch vụ mega fiber? - Ảnh 5.

In the state-of-the-art Korean standard examination room, customers are scanned and their entire facial image is simulated in three-dimensional space, allowing them to preview the results after treatment. Seeing a transformed version of themselves, looking beautifully rejuvenated and natural, greatly pleases and reassures customers when making the decision to proceed with the service.

A service dedicated to progressive women

The diva Thu Minh a loyal customer of Mega Gangnam once shared: “Don’t hesitate, life is too short to be indifferent, right? Be beautiful and beautiful every day”. Indeed, in today’s modern society, physical beauty, youthfulness are an advantage for women, helping them have more motivation to achieve many goals in life, family and career.

Beauty is a legitimate need that cannot wait. For women with “taste” and class, independent, modern like singer Thu Minh, MC Minh Ha, actress Ngan Quynh,… they will know what they need and know where is the fastest and most perfect solution to solve their problems. With the condition of skin aging, nothing else, that is Mega Fiber!

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