Hanoi ladies eagerly attended the seminar on creating unique beauty with self-replicating collagen technology – Mega Fiber

Since the beginning of the year, Mega Gangnam International Clinic has consistently organized numerous seminars and events to create more opportunities to connect with loyal customers. The latest destination is the Mega Gangnam branch located at 454 Xa Dan, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

On a rainy Sunday morning (April 16), Hanoi experienced heavy rain. However, this did not deter many loyal customers from attending and enjoying the exclusive AI self-rejuvenation technology seminar called “Mega Fiber” organized by Mega Gangnam International Clinic.


In the cozy and welcoming atmosphere at the Hanoi branch, two top experts were invited to attend, Dr. Mun Dae Jin, Head of Research at Mega Corporation South Korea, and Dr. Pham Thu Phuong, a senior specialist at Mega Gangnam Plastic Surgery. They shared their knowledge about beauty and the advantages of self-replicating collagen technology in the Mega Fiber service, which is currently the most innovative rejuvenation technology on the market.


Dr. Mun Dae Jin, Head of Research at Mega Corporation South Korea, and Dr. Pham Thu Phuong, a senior specialist at Mega Gangnam Plastic Surgery, provided in-depth insights to help attendees understand the superiority of the self-replicating collagen technology in the Mega Fiber rejuvenation service.

Customers at the seminar also had the opportunity to experience the use of modern aesthetic devices in the Mega Fiber self-rejuvenation procedure. They also participated in exciting games and received attractive gifts from Mega Gangnam, including a special gift, the Perfect Beauty Rejuvenation Package valued at up to 300 million VND.



Các khách mời tới Hội thảo có cơ hội được trực tiếp trải nghiệm những công nghệ hiện đại nhất được sử dụng trong dịch vụ Mega Fiber, cũng như đặt câu hỏi cho hai bác sĩ.



If you missed the Mega Gangnam event in Hanoi, customers still have the opportunity to experience high-tech examinations in the Mega Fiber package for free. Contact Mega Gangnam today for more information!

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